Sunday, November 2, 2008

Now I can write! I can write masked!

Now I can write, no one knows me ( or that what is supposed to be). I can express myself easily without the heavy shadow of the slogans, without the fear from grammatical mistakes, without the blames of my national feelings, without being politically correct or incorrect, without trying to write poems or short stories, I will only write about myself in the Gazan context. I will not write about the Israelis or the Palestinians, about Fatah or Hamas, about the left or the right, about the wrong or the right, I will not write about what is written in the newspapers or in the pro or anti Palestinian websites; I write what I think should be written; I will try to relieve my self from the daily load of living in this place of the world; I will try to relieve this piece of the world from having a such person like me; a person who could not live in this place: a person who could not live out of this place; I will not write poems; I will not write short stories; I will not write prose; I am not capable of writing such things; but I hope that I will be capable of writing (documenting) my feelings, my self, my daily life, my dreams, my nightmares, and off course the mud of Gaza and the life.

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